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Etimag has been supplying PET Pharma Bottles to local pharma manufacturers for a long period. We have been meeting the technical requirements of pharma sector since the beginning. We are continuously developing our Blow Moulding process by optimizing working parameters on the machine. Our Bottle Moulds are produced at a very high precision level by the original blowing machine producer " NISSEI | Japan". We proudly announce that we are starting  25 & 40 & 300 ml HDPE pharma bottle production by 2019.

Mass production of 25-40-300 ml HDPE bottles will start by 2019. 

* Please contact us for your relevant project requests or any other kind of issues.

*All PET bottle products have standard Ø28mm mouth.
*Our production is in accordance with food contact material regulations.

25 ml             40 ml          300 ml 
28 mm         28 mm         31 mm

mouth           mouth          mouth

The plastic bottle production area located in Tekirdağ [TR] factory is in accordance with Class 100.000 cleanroom standards.


In our production area (current status: preparations for ISO 14644 Certification);


1 HDPE Extrusion Blow Mold.  / KAIMEI PBS-405D

1 HDPE Injection Blow Mold.   / NISSEI ASB-12M

2 PET    Injection Blow Mold.  / NISSEI ASB-12M

Bottle Molds : Japan

Annual Prod. Capacity: 30M Bottles

<In 2019, we will increase capacity with new projects>

GMP Application: The bottle is loaded as raw material (PET or HDPE granules) and unloaded as final product which is packaged automatically through the automatic carrier robot and packaging machine line.

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