1. Shrink Sleeves

    Shrink sleeve is the best way to present your products at 360 angle which hugs every contour of the container or bottle. It is suitable for any packaging material such as glass, PRT, Metal, PE, etc…

    Make a difference with shrink sleeves…

    Most common materials…

    PVC – %58, %63 TD – Cheapest solution with perfect shrink curve.

    PET – %78 TD – Extremely bright, MD “Machine direction shrink almost %0″ which eliminates “smiley face” effect and environmentally friendly.

    OPS – %75 – Best shrink curve due to material. Being a soft material makes it perfect for squeezable bottles.

  2. Security Bands

    securitybandsPVC or PET security seals are produced as rolls or pre-cut to any size. Our products are guaranteed to run smoothly on high end applicators. Additional levels of security can be added by using holograms or special inks.


  3. Promotional & Preform Sleeves


    Promotional Sleeves

    Most popular way to present your promotional packs. It can be either transparent or printed with a simple message or photographic print.

    Preform Sleeves

    Preform sleeve is suitable for extremely difficult application. It is commonly used by gas and food companies.

  4. OPP & Pressure Sensitive Labels


    OPP Wrap Around Labels

    OPP Wrap around labels can be produced either rotogravure or flexo for short runs. We supply both transparent and opaque material up to 9 colors.

    Pressure Sensitive Labels

    Our pressure sensitive products are used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic markets. We can produce paper and film pressure sensitive constructions.